Writer's Block: Legends of Rock

There are a few concerts that go down in musical history—Altamont, Woodstock, Live Aid, the Hannah Montana Best of Both Worlds tour—as legendary experiences. What live show stands as legend in your own experience?
For this one, I'm gonna have to reach back a whole month to the Jack's Mannequin show that I experienced at the Grog Shop with most of my best friends. It had to be the most amazing concert of my life. I don't really know what I was expecting going into it, but it definitely was not what I got. It was so much more. Andrew McMahon has my complete respect. And I may not listen to him on repeat, but I do still put all of his records on into regular rotation. I rarely skip them when they come on shuffle and I love everyone so much. Seeing him perform live, stand and jump around on his piano, watching that piano roll away (LOL), etc. All of it made me so...happy. Thank God for the doctors that saved Andrew McMahon, without him this place would be so much less. And I don't care how sappy that makes me sound. It doesn't even matter. This will probably always rate on the top ten shows of my life. Hell, the top five.

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I'm an idiot.

End of story.

I'm so fucking naive and cliche.

And I never know when to keep my mouth fucking shut.

And I always ruin good things.

And I fail at life.

I'm nothing but ordinary.

And why would you want an ordinary girl?

Because I don't want an ordinary boy.

I just want someone to cling on to.

And I doubt I'll ever have that...

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